HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Appliance Operating System

Save bandwith, protect your users with more than 55+ Millions categorized websites and advanced rules.

Artica V4 is an appliance based on Debian 10 Operating system.
Your can install it on the Hardware or Virtual Machine of your choice and get a Web Gateway appliance within minutes.
Artica embeds technologies such as

Artica-Proxy claim to offer a full HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/SSH/RDP/VNC proxy infrastructure.

The new 4.x version increase dramatically performances.

Artica appliance is fully compatible with VMWare ESXi , VMWare Workstation, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Xen server and Promox.
The objective of this appliance is to build your own proxy structure including :

URL/Content Filtering

On-box URL database maximizes performance and flexibility. URL filtering is enabled through an on-box, 55M+, divided across 150 categories. The on-box database ensures maximum, inline performance and minimal latency. Flexible policies can be implemented to control employee and network activity.

  • Possibility to use the Google Safe Browsing database
  • Select from 150 categories and more than 55M+ sites or create a custom list through block lists.
  • Possibility to create your own categories accross multiple proxies
  • Specify group-based web browsing policies with a local/remote LDAP Database or Microsoft Active Directory connection.
  • SSL decryption policies by allowing encrypted access to specific web sites such as health, finance and shopping while decrypting traffic to all other sites such as blogs, forums, and entertainment.
  • Expressions in URLs.: Allows you to create rules that able to match words or regular expression in URLs
  • ACLs.: Allows you to create rules like a FireWall with defined objects eg: IP addresses,Hostnames,MAC Addresses, Browsers,Web sites, picture nudity score
  • Time Schedule (Control On-line Time, Access Time Control).
  • Quotas management: block users that exceed downloaded size rules.
  • Bandwidth limitation: according Groups/Web sites/Users...

Content scanning with HTTP/FTP Antivirus.

The antivirus is connected using ICAP protocol in order to provide the best performances.

  • Using the dedicated Appliance Artica For Kaspersky For Proxy appliance, you are able to use the best antivirus scanner in order to ensure that no infected content pass trough the proxy.
  • Supports C-ICAP/ClamAV for anti-virus content scanning
  • Adding automatically advances antivirus signatures for better detections.


The appliance allows you to display many statistics in order to see when,where,how your users use the bandwidth

  • Possibility to query statistics
  • Possibility to link the proxy to Artica ElasticSearch in order to merge statistics from several Proxy servers.

Architecture & Availability Solution

  • Can act as standard Proxy or transparent proxy
  • HotSpot features
  • Prevent downtime and increase productivity by keeping your Internet Access consistently available.
  • Make sure your users always have access to Internet, even when one or more Proxy is busy or down.
  • Artica HaCluster provides load-balancing, distribution and real-time intelligence in order to build an HTTP proxy in cluster mode